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Welcome to Senior Hope Counseling, a non-intensive, not-for-profit outpatient clinic licensed by New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services.

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The Board, Administration and Staff of Senior Hope would like to take this opportunity to express how sad we are over the loss of the Co-Founder of Senior Hope Counseling, Inc. Dr. William Rockwood (December 7, 1930 - May 6, 2021 (90), Obituary) and Co-Founder Adrienne Rockwood (passed away February 17, 2020 (87) Obituary).

Dr. Rockwood and his Wife Adrienne poured in their time, energy and resources into Senior Hope Counseling in order to establish and successfully grow the clinic they founded in 2002. Dr. Rockwood and Adrienne Rockwood were true visionaries who understood the importance of creating an age-specific clinic for older adults struggling with substance use disorders. They both helped staff and clients understand the significance, as Adrienne would often say, of "refiring rather than retiring". Bill and Adrienne helped the clients and staff see how a mature loving couple stayed excited about being active and engaged in the helping profession. Bill and Adrienne always instilled the importance of family values here at Senior Hope. They touched the lives and hearts of the administration, staff, board of directors and clients year after year as he and Adrienne worked tirelessly to expand Senior Hope. We are forever grateful to Dr. William Rockwood and Adrienne Rockwood for all their contributions to Senior Hope and to the community and they should rest in peace knowing that together they both made a profound impact on all those who were fortunate to have known them in this lifetime.

Nicole MacFarland, PhD, Senior Hope Board, Administration and Staff