Specialized Group Sessions

Understanding Addiction
This is a 14 week revolving series on several aspects of the addiction and recovery process. The topics that will be addressed in this group include addiction and chemical dependency, denial, cravings, family relations, other addictions on chemical dependency, denial, cravings, family relations, other addictions, grief, mental health, setting boundaries, relapse, self-help, spirituality and humility, ACOA, specific challenges in late-life, and dealing with change. The group is designed to offer a broad range of topics to help members gain a greater understanding of their addiction.

Men’s Group
Attention paid to gender issues produces favorable outcomes in treatment. This group focuses on issues pertaining to men throughout the various stages of recovery, including their retirement years.

Women’s Group
Women come together to discuss issues specific to women that have played a role in their chemical abuse or dependency.

Recovery topics
Topics include (but are not limited to): Substance Abuse and Older Adults, Addiction and Craving, Family Alcoholism, Grief and Loss, Stress and Anxiety, Spirituality, Enjoying the Golden Years.

Relapse Prevention Group
This group is divided into three sections covering client discussion, specific reasons for relapse and “contingency planning” – helping clients proactively identify their personal triggers and how to prepare with coping strategies to avoid them.

Life’s Transitions
Individuals come together in a safe environment to share experiences that will help each other navigate complex life changes as they continue their journey of recovery.

Co-Occurring Disorders Group
This dual focus group reviews a variety of topics dealing with education and support for those suffering from addictions and mental health concerns.

Anger Management Group
Change anger into energy. This group helps participants deal more effectively with anger issues via relaxation techniques, enhancing communication skills, and developing assertiveness and conflict resolution skills.

Trauma Survivors' Group
The Trauma Survivors' group is designed to meet the needs of patients who have been adversely affected by trauma early in life. There will, however, be opportunities for group participants to discuss other traumatic events which they may have experienced early or later in the life cycle. There will be a focus on developing insight and techniques designed to enhance one's resiliency and improve coping skills to mange in later-life. Additionally, there will be opportunities to examine the relationship between the experience of trauma and the use of alcohol and/or drugs, mental illness and health issues.